Our offer is aimed at institutional clients, presenting a full A to Z project service. We deal with full multi-discipline design work including obtaining proper opinions, approvals, expert opinions, etc. to obtain a building permit.
Thanks to the optimization of the design process, we are able to provide and deliver to the investor a complete project with industry studies and relevant agreements and consents, in good time.


We offer design services from feasibility studies through architectural concept, multi-disciplinary concept, to granting a building permit, tender and executive design, optimally we undertake authorship supervision.

Additionally, we cooperate with proven-track structural and MEP engineers, environmental consultants and fire and public health experts.

The scope of our activity includes:

  • feasibility studies based on local spatial development plans (MPZP) or land development conditions (so-called WZ)
  • architectural and multi-disciplinary concepts
  • obtaining building permit decisions
  • preparing tender and executive project documentation
  • authorship supervision

In formal matters related to building permit, we coordinate all activities related to obtaining relevant opinions, decisions and expert judgments required to grant the building permit decision.

The project team

We cooperate with:

  • proven track record industry teams – structural, MEP, roads designers
  • Experienced fire and public health experts
  • teams of environmental consultants in order to obtain environmental decisions on the basis of a project information sheet (so-called KIP) or a full environmental report

Additional scope


  • we monitor the process of obtaining building permits in order to accelerate official procedures
  • we obtain land development conditions (so-called WZ) in the absence of local spatial development plans (MPZP)
  • we obtain consents from fire experts and public health experts
  • we obtain all formal opinions and decisions of local and regional conservation officers in the case of listed buildings – either these entered into the register, as well as those in the municipal register of monuments
  • we coordinate obtaining fire and sanitary expert opinions on projects where technical conditions cannot be met
  • we coordinate the acquisition of maps for project purposes