OMNIFORMA studio, founded and led by architect Bartosz Kumor, employs a number of experienced Part 3 qualified architects. Our design approach is based on an over twenty-year experience and knowledge of the local construction market. Our achievements to date include commercial projects of various functions, purpose and scale of buildings.


Starting from the first sketch, we focus on the symbiosis of the future building form with its function and surroundings. Individually shaping a spatial programme, we create architecture inspired by the natural characteristics of materials, pure forms and light. In order to achieve an optimal massing, we aim at a delicate balance between the existing context and the key elements defining the building.

Design ethos

Buildings and interiors designed by OMNIFORMA studio aim to raise their users’ quality of life. We believe that the quality of architecture informs individual experience – it is a relationship based on a subconscious experience of architecture and its influence on its users. In our projects, we strive to ensure that users perceive architecture and interiors with all their senses, through the use of natural tactile materials, subtle play of forms and light, and acoustic comfort which results in a timeless design.


Basing our design work on long experience and knowledge of the local construction market we meet the needs and expectations of future users as well as client’s budget. Our studio’s achievements to date include projects that differ not only in the building function but also in scale – from individual clients to commercial ones. In order to guarantee satisfactory implementation of the project in compliance with client’s intentions, we undertake author’s supervision during construction and finishing works.


“Only architecture in harmony with nature presents genuine quality.”

In line with the above motto, we promote the idea of sustainable architecture. We boast an in-depth knowledge of new technologies implemented in architecture to use renewable energy sources and the application of solutions that bring measurable savings associated with the building use.

Despite the increasing use of photo-voltaic collectors, heat recuperation and passive ventilation systems, “green architecture” remains in the periphery of architectural mainstream. We offer architectural solutions that do not pose a threat to the natural environment and, using its reserves, cohabit in symbiosis with it. While working on a design, we strive to achieve the highest levels of BREEAM and LEED certification.